Regulatory & Technical


Kolmar's Regulatory Team provides the expertise needed to bring a product to market in today's global world. We stay on top of evolving industry and global regulations to ensure compliance.

  • Kolmar holds a seat on the board of the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC)
  • Active member of PCPC's International Committee
  • Participant of PCPC's Legal and Regulatory Conference
  • Subscriber to PCPC's On-Line Info-Base and International Cosmetic Legal and Regulatory Database
  • Proprietary database to manage customer specific ingredient restrictions
  • Formula compliancy and documentation
  • EU dossier preparation


Kolmar's uncompromising commitment to quality ensures the formulas we develop and the products we manufacture are robust and will meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

  • In-house Quality Assurance, Analytical and Micro Laboratories
  • Brand new, state-of-the-art, laboratories
  • Validated stability protocol for Kolmar developed formulas
  • cGMP R&D Laboratories to support small scale lab/pilot manufacturing
  • cGMP pilot facilities to ensure reproducibility
  • Remote monitoring of manufacturing and production via web server
  • Stability program management
  • Dedicated Technology Transfer Team to effectively manage integration of customer owned/developed formulations into Kolmar's manufacturing environment
  • Validated processes and methods to ensure reproducibility
  • Marketed product stability
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