What sets Kolmar apart from other suppliers?

Kolmar's 92 years of excellent customer service, absolute quality focus and formulation and production expertise are valued by leading brands worldwide. Our breadth of capability, capacity and flexibility, and product innovation define Kolmar as the preeminent choice for a diverse portfolio of customers ranging from niche, entrepreneurial brands to global consumer product goods companies. At Kolmar we truly believe that while we provide our customers with beautiful product, the most important part of what we provide is service. Please contact the Kolmar Sales Team to find out how Kolmar can help make your dream become a reality!

What type of products does Kolmar have the capability to develop and produce?

Kolmar's breadth of capability is unsurpassed. With over 92 years experience as a custom formulator and manufacturer of cosmetics, skin care and personal care products Kolmar has developed and produced nearly every product type and format. For color cosmetics, Kolmar has the expertise to create and produce everything except sharpenable cosmetic pencils and nail lacquer. Kolmar's skin care and personal care product formulating and manufacturing capabilities are very extensive and cover most product types with the exception of aerosols, hair color and bar soaps.

What are Kolmar's minimum order quantities?

While this does vary somewhat depending on the formula and product, most minimum run sizes average between 5,000 to 10,000 pieces. Kolmar's breadth of capability, capacity and flexibility easily supports programs ranging from 2,500 pieces up to millions of units.

What are Kolmar's lead-times?

Lead-times are driven by many things including the lead-times of the specific raw ingredients used to manufacture each formula, the process for the product being created and the size of your order. Kolmar's dedicated Sales and Customer Service Teams will guide you through the process and provide you with a timeline from initial development to final shipment.

Does Kolmar offer private label?

Private label is usually defined as a readily available stock line of products, the advantage being a very small minimum order quantity and the disadvantage being limited opportunity to customize. Kolmar is a custom formulator and manufacturer; everything we develop and produce is according to our customers' exacting requirements. To support your speed-to-market demands, Kolmar offers a very comprehensive library of already developed formulas encompassing most product categories. These formulas are spot on with today's current market trends and Kolmar's Sales, Product Development and R&D Teams will work closely with you to align your specific product needs with the formulas that best meet those needs.

How do I see what is in Kolmar's on-trend product library?

Kolmar's creative process is innovative, impactful and interactive. Kolmar's experienced Sales, R&D and Product Development Teams are ready to meet with you, review your brands positioning and product needs and select for you those products that will work best for you. Kolmar provides product write-ups designed to inspire and simplify your creative process, detailing what makes each products performance special, the "science behind the beauty", key active and benefit ingredients, "free-of" ingredients, options to customize, and package recommendations.

Does Kolmar offer turn-key?

Kolmar's expertise and focus is on the development and manufacture of the products. In most cases our customers supply the packaging. Kolmar can guide you through the package selection process by recommending reliable packaging suppliers and providing input on what would work best for the production process.

Does Kolmar charge for formula development services?

Whether you select from Kolmar's on-trend, comprehensive formula library, request a modification to an existing Kolmar formula, or together we enter into a custom development program, the goal of Kolmar's on-site, experienced and innovative R&D and Product Development Teams is to generate successful products for your brand that are produced for you by Kolmar. In most cases, there are not separate fees for formula development. Separate fees may apply if the program is canceled after development has begun or if the development investment exceeds anticipated program volume. Kolmar's Sales Team will work with you from the onset to define expectations, deliverables and timing.

Can Kolmar formulate and manufacture OTC products?

This is definitely a core competency of Kolmar's. We are certified with the FDA as an OTC facility, are very actively involved with the Personal Care Products Council (Based in Washington, DC, PCPC is the leading national trade association representing the global cosmetic and personal care products industry.) and hold a seat on the board of PCPC. Kolmar's dedicated and experienced Product Integrity, Technical, Quality and Sales Teams will assist you in navigating the process of bringing an OTC product to market.

How can Kolmar help me start my own line?

Kolmar's dedicated and experienced Sales Team is prepared to meet with you, review your business plan and product needs and work in alignment with you to determine how best Kolmar can help. Kolmar is proud to be strategic partners with many successful brands worldwide, working together to launch entire lines, amazing promotions and blockbuster hits.

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